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For a truly fun and unique dining experience, the Rainforest Cafe is not to be missed! With numerous locations throughout 13 U.S. states and seven international restaurants, Rainforest Cafe has become incredibly popular with diners of all ages.

Many Rainforest Cafe locations are found in large shopping centers or themed resorts, and one only has to walk by the main opening to be intrigued. Each restaurant entry contains a fun-themed gift store with t-shirts, stuffed animals, keychains and other store-related products on sale. This store not only provides you with the opportunity to purchase fun memorabila to remind you of your experience, but also gives you something to do in the event you have to wait for a table!

As you enter the actual restaurant itself, you truly feel as if you have stepped into the middle of a rainforest. Sound effects mimicking waterfalls, frogs and birds add a charming background and the restaurant’s decor of trees, caves and shrubbery transport you to the other side of the Earth.

Rainforest Cafe offers hearty portions of a wide range of food, sure to match your appetite. Appetizers include the “Raging Thunder Buffalo Wings”, “Lava Nachos”, and the “Awesome Appetizer Adventure”. For sandwiches and burgers, Rainforest Cafe offers you a variety of choices including their “Blue Mountain Chicken Sandwich”, the “Rumble in the Jungle Turkey Wrap”, and the “Rainforest Natural Burger”.

The menu caters to just about every need from pizzas (try the “Flying Drago Pepperoni Pizza“) to pasta, and soups to meat dishes (the “Amazon Fajitas” and “Chicken Chimichanga” are popular with guests). The main course menu doesn’t stop there, as diners can enjoy the “Caribbean Coconut Shrimp” or the “Tribal Salmon”. Rainforest Cafe also offers a suitable kid’s menu for those under the age of ten. If you have trouble making a choice from all of the options, rest assured that you will want to come back again to try the rest! To perfectly end your Rainforest Cafe experience, you must have their signature “Sparkling Volcano” dessert!

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